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Home Care Aide (HCA)


The Home Care Aide (HCA) course was designed for individuals desiring to work in private homes, Adult Family Homes (AFH), and assisted living facilities. The Home Care Aide course is a four (4) week program that consists of both on-line and classroom training.


The Home Care Aid course is a course that has 50 hours of online training and 27 hours of classroom training. Students come to class for the first day (first Monday) to get oriented to the on-line program, recieve their users ID and passsword, and to take the Dementia for caregivers course. They will then work independently with the on-line portion of the class. The students come in to the classroom the next week (following Monday) to take the Mental Health for caregivers course. The Safety & Orientation aspect is included in the on-line program. The last two days of class are for learning and demonstrating skills as well as taking the final exam. After passing this course, the student will be eligible to take the Washington State Home Care Aide Exam and apply to the Department of Health for their HCA credential.


Admission Standard

Students must be able to read, write, and speak and understand the English language. Students will also need a basic understanding of computer use and navigation. If a student struggles with the English language they may enroll in a literacy program and then take the HCA course once the literacy program is completed.


Students will be graded on the on-line portion of the program, tests, participation, and skills evaluation. The students must pass the course with an 80% or higher on all work. If a student does not pass, they have the option of taking the course again at the next scheduled time. Students will be told by the instructor if they are passing or not passing throughout the course. The school will keep transcripts in a data base, of completed students. A student may call the office and request a copy of thier grades.


Students are expected to attend class on the required days. If thete is an emergency and they cannot attend, they must let the instructor know as soon as possible and make up all work that is missed.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful mannor at all times. Cell phones are not allowed in class. There will be breaks and lunch times for use of cell phones. If a student refuses to silence their phone or follow the cell phone policy, they will be asked to leave, possibly without refund. They may be eligible to come back when they are willing to follow the cell phone policy.

Cost of Training

The cost of the course is $550.00. The student will recieve thier certificate of completion once all work is completed AND their account is paid in full.


Credentials Awarded

Upon completion of the Home Care Aide course, students will recieve a Certificate of Completion for the Home Care Aide program. They are also eligible to take the Washington State Exam for Home Care Aide to become state certified.

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