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New Certified Nursing Assistant Program Requirements


New requirement for CNA programs to be 140 hours long for program certification is coming out. No official release date,yet, of when this is to be effective.


We are happy to announce Simmons & Holliday's CNA program is currently at 117 hours and we will be adding 23 more hours (approved by DSHS) to meet the NEW requirement, and hope to be the first state program to meet the new standard in Washington State!

Students will no longer receive access to courses without completing and submitting a complete registration packet, in full, for the course they wish to attend.


Additionally, No course completion material will be awarded until your balance is paid in full.

We offer our students and caregivers the opportunity to be placed on our caregiver registry. This list is made available to facilites looking for caregivers on a paying access. Caregivers listed on our list will supply us with pertinent information and all the facilties get is your certifications/ credentials and a Simmons & Holliday serial number.

Call now to be placed on this hiring list and have the facilities chasing after you! 

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